TID09 Anglesite
Bunker Hill Mine, Shoshone Co., Idaho, United States
3.9x 3.2x 2.2 cm

This anglesite is probably one of my favorite pieces in this update-- when people think of Bunker Hill, the first thing that comes to mind is usually pyromorphite (unless then happen to be an especially patriotic American and recall the battle instead...) Often overlooked however, are the cerussites and anglesites that were also collected at this mine-- and they certainly rank among the US's best, particularly in the case of the anglesites.

This is a particularly fine miniature, and it is even accompanied by a collector's label with a hand written note on the back, attributing it to a 1979 purchase from Art Cooper, perhaps the major source of Bunker Hill specimens during the mine's heyday.  It appears a bit more 2D in the pictures.

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