MGR37 Aquamarine, Beryl var. Aquamarine
Central Madagascar
4.6x 1.2x 1.1 cm

An elongated and heavily etched crystal of Malagasy aquamarine. Aquamarine from Madagascar is actually somewhat hard to find, especially as proper crystals. Shards are available here and there, but cut stones seem to be the most common form of the material. This crystal has a domed termination; this seems to be more common in Malagasy aquamarines than in Pakistani ones (where flat terminations are prevalent.) Unfortunately the best I can say for the locality of this one is "Central Madagascar". Many of the local dealers have no idea where their minerals come from, and specimens can change hands so many times in a complex chain of consignments that the information gets lost... the focus is obviously on selling the stone, rather than keeping all the information together.

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