JPK03 Beryl var. Aquamarine
Huya Village, Mt. Xuebaoding, Ping Wu Co., Sichuan Prov., China
3.2x 2.6x 2.1 cm

A thumbnail specimen hosting a pale tabular aquamarine crystal on a matrix of feldspar and muscovite.  Unlike most other aquamarine localities that produce prismatic crystals, Mt. Xuebaoding is known for its tabular examples.  

The locality was most productive in the early 90’s, and while specimens continue to trickle out, these days the quality and quantity are relatively low. Matters are not helped by remoteness of the mine (which unlike many other Chinese mines is not a large-scale ore operation), the fact that it borders a Panda reserve, or the 2008 earthquake.  Along with good aquamarine, the  locality has produced the world’s best scheelite and kesterite.

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