TKR2 Calcite
Fuzichong Ore Field, Cenxi Co., Wuzhou Pref., Guangxi Zhuang A. R., China
12.5x 12.3x 11.8 cm

An impressive cabinet sized calcite from the Fuzichon orefield.  Specimens from this locality first made their way to the market around 4 years ago, with most consisting of thinner hexagonal crystals or "poker chip" stacks.

Although less available since the original find, there have been a couple new pockets.  This piece was is among the best I have seen from the location, and was discovered within the last year.  The back is slanted and coated with a layer of dark rock, indicating that it was cleanly removed and not cleaved.  The piece shows good hexagonal phantoms, and areas of geminess as well.  One corner (top left on main crystal) has a minor rub, though it is barely visible in the pictures and it hardly distracts from the overall appearance in person, and even with that I still consider it to be one of the most impressive pieces that I have seen from the mine... 

Obviously, it is best displayed as shown in the image immediately to the right and the one right below it, as this hides the points of attachment. 

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