DV04 Calcite, Okenite, Gyrollite
Kandivali, Mumbai Area, Maharashtra Prov., India
20.0x 16.5x 11.0 cm


Yes, I am posting an okenite geode.  These have become fairly common over the last 10 years, and are perhaps one of the most iconic of Indian zeolites.  Actually, these is a very simple reason for this: the Kandivali quarry is located in the greater Mumbai area, and with the economic boom of the last several years, the quarry"s proximity to the growing metropolis made it one of the busiest as the demand for roadfill grew.  With more quarrying came more specimens, but then the city grew to include the quarry.  These days, it is not uncommon to see taxies with "KANDIVALI" painted on the rear window.


Of course, that meant that the value of the land the quarry was situated on increased, so as has happened at so many other locations around the world, developers bought the quarry, and now there will be no more of these okenites, or the prehnite pseudomorphs, babingtonites, etc.


This is a great example of this material, a large cabinet specimen consisting of a geode filled with cotton ball-like clusters of acicular okenite and small gyrolite orbs.  

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