WG16 Calcite
Webb City, Tri-State District, Jasper Co., Missouri, USA
9.0x 6.5x 8.0 cm

A very old calcite specimen from one of the oldest localities in the Tri-State District-- the last mine in the greater Tri-State area closed in 1967, but the mining activity around Webb City took place mostly between 1870 and 1930, with nearly 700 active mines in the area at its peak.

This is a nice group of scalenohedrons with elongated marcasite inclusions inside the crystals.  As was standard practice among miners in those days, it has been lightly cleaned with acid.  There are also small cleaves/ chips on the terminations, but again-- this is an OLD piece, and it is next to impossible to find *anything* from Webb City these days.

If the pictures look slightly purple on screen, be advised that it is colorless-- this is not one of the fabled Webb City purples, though incandescent light does bring out a very very slight hue that the camera seems to have picked up on and exaggerated (I had to reduce the saturation) so clearly there is a bit of whatever impurity causes that color present.

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