NRK12 Copper
Kearsarge Lode, Seneca Mine, Lake Superior Copper DIstrict., Keweenaw Co., Michigan
4.0x 3.7x 2.5 cm

A very nice miniature of crystallized copper, with exceptionally sharp crystals.  This piece was in the Ross Lillie collection, and was collected by him at the Seneca mine dumps in 1980. 

 According to the label, this piece was most likely mined in the early 1900’s. Luckily, it somehow escaped the smelter and wound up resting in a pile of waste rock for 80 years before being found by Mr. Lillie, and then spending time in 2 Michigan collections.

It is hard to get the camera to focus correctly, as the piece is very three dimensional.  When viewed from the front, the large, very sharp crystal pictured in the last photograph really stands out.  Unfortunately, due to the camera's focus, I could only show the main crystal, or the matrix of smaller crystals... not both in the same image.

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