RKL4 Cuprite
Bisbee, Warren Mts,. Cochise Co., Arizona, United States
2.9x 1.8x 2.0 cm


How often do you see Bisbee cuprite crystals of this size for sale?  Although in more recent years crystals such as this one have come from Kazakhstan, Congo and Tsumeb, classic pieces like this one remain exceedingly rare.

As far as I can tell, the crystal is intact or nearly intact, the main crystal actually appears to be perched on another that is heavily etched, and the etching makes it difficult to tell what is a natural face and what is a chip, but either way that is the bottom of the crystal, so it doesn"t really matter... for all intents and purposes this specimen a near floater.

When viewed under normal lighting, it appears to have the typical metallic reddish color, but when backlit (or even held up to the sun) this piece turns blood red (forgive the blurry last image.. the point is just to show the backlit color)

THERE IS A REPAIR, basically a chip that randomly fell off and was reattached.  This is hardly visible, and the price more than takes this into account.

This is a great cuprite from a classic American locality, the sort of thing that rarely turns up, and that has not been mined for decades. 

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