PXA10 Dioptase
Cobre Llama Mine, Bella Union Dist., Nazca Prov., Ica Dept., Peru
7.6x 5.6x 4.4 cm


An excellent cabinet specimen of Peruvian dioptase, from a find made approximately 4 years ago.  These have since ceased to be found, and this specimen is about as good as they get from this find.  Ordinarily, these tended to be more sparse, and the dioptase crystals were usually smaller and coated with selenite.  


On this specimen, there is only enough selenite to remind you that it is from Nazca--but not so much that it obscures the dioptase.  The largest crystal is 1.1 cm, very large for the locality.


On another note, when translated, the mine"s name means "Copper Llama"... for some reason I found that sort of funny...

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