20RC14 Dioptase
Reneville, Pool Dept., Republic of Congo
8.5x 4.8x 3.7 cm

A great example of dioptase from Reneville.  This location is further east than the bulk of the other dioptase producing localities, and is also one of the older ones-- the mines in this area were once operated (and later abandoned) by the French, and today are gradually coming to life again thanks to the efforts of Chinese companies and locals hunting for specimens. 

Dioptase from his locality is quite distinctive-- for one thing the crystals are very large, and they are also somewhat more tightly packed.  This piece has some etched material not beside that could probably be removed, though. I have chosen to leave it as is.  Of particular note (and also a feature that makes it easily identifiable as being from Reneville) is a massive 3.1 cm crystal. 

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