NF605 Ferberite, Albite, Tourmaline (!)
Shengus, Haramosh Mountains, Skardu, Pakistan (!!!)
7.1x 3.3x 3.4 cm

I am going to begin this description by saying that no, I did not make a mistake in the species heading. This is in fact, a ferberite associated with tourmaline, from Pakistan.  Despite having a number of interesting and new things on this page, this, in my opinion, is far and away the most intriguing. 

I have never seen a pegmatitic ferberite, or any ferberite from Pakistan, for that matter.  Usually when you find a mineral from an unusual locality, it is small or poorly formed, for the species.  What makes this remarkable is that this is actually a sizable crystal—not huge, but it would be respectable for Yaogangxian, China;  Tong Wah, Korea or even Panasqueira.

 This is yet another example of the interesting curveballs that the Pakistani pegmatites throw.  The Shengus area is particularly known for producing oddball species—vayrynenite, stibiotantalite, and various columbite species, among others.

I would image this would be of interest to a collector or Pakistani minerals…. Or to a ferberite collector… (do those exist?)

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