MFC02 Fluorite
Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
8.6x 6.5x 3.5 cm

A  nice and uncommon example of fluorite from Mina Ojuela, on a limonite matrix.  As prolific as this mine has been over the years, notable for the countless adamites, mimetites, aurichalcites, hemimorphites, etc. that have kept many wholesalers going,  fluorites have never been very common there.  

This piece hosts two crystals with lightly etched surfaces.

I have not tested these specimens individually, but many show a reddish-pink fluorescence.

***Please note, these do exhibit a degree of fluorescence, so the color of these specimens varies with lighting, being more vibrant in sunlight, and somewhat more of a dark grape-jelly purple under incandescent, meaning that the contast between the crystal and the matrix may not always be as good as shown in the pictures, which were shot under optimal conditions.  Also, I suspect some of these have had oil applied... 

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