2CYND02 Fluorite
Yindu Mine, Chifeng Pref., Inner Mongolia A.R., China
12.4x 9.0x 2.5 cm

Another specimen from the same pocket featured in my previous update, I bought this one a little later so it missed the main update.  This one has 6 crystals, scattered about and isolated in a way that I thought was quite pretty. As with others from this find, there is a deep purple core surrounded by a very transparent outer layer.  A couple of them have white calcite rhombs semi-embedded as well.

Most specimens from this find were thumbnails, though I was quite happy to come across these larger plates.  Because of the way blasting is done, it is somewhat unusual to find good, larger pieces-- and often times the larger ones are somewhat lacking in terms of color or internal features, or they require backlighting that is nearly impossible because of the opaque matrix. This however are quite easy to appreciate, even without special lighting. 

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