BLP1 Ludlamite
Huanuni Mine, Oruro, Bolivia
11.6x 6.1x 7.4 cm

An exceptional cabinet ludlamite, with the main crystal group measuring 2.1 cm across, and several other crystal groups scattered about the matrix.

This is one of the best ludlamites I have seen in a long time. The specimen is very well balanced, with the crystal cluster positioned centrally on its matrix. The beautiful green of the ludlamite contrasts nicely with the pyrite and wavellite on the matrix.

Good ludlamite has only come from a few localities worldwide- Rapid Creek in the Yukon, Lemhi Co. in Idaho, Santa Eualia in Mexico, and Huanuni. None have produced good ludlamites in years (ludlamite has not been found at Huanuni for 6-7 years now.)

Even when this material was being found, pieces of this caliber were never common.

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