PAS06 Pyrite
Huanzala Mine, Huallanca District, Dos de Mayo Prov., Peru
10.0x 5.3x 4.4 cm

Of the smaller cubic specimens in the lot, this is my favorite.  This piece has an exceptional mirror luster, and the crystals are very sharp.  There is also a light sprinkling of black sphalerite that adds a nice bit of contrast.  The main crystal is perfect, though there are nicks on two others (most notably on the upper right.)  Either way, the balance, luster arrangement and overall appearance put this piece in a league above all the tons of pyrite you see at shows. 

I do feel that this one is considerably better in person-- its hard to appreciate the three-dimensionality in the picture, then again, all of these have proven difficult to properly capture.

This was one piece from a medium sized lot that I purchased.  As the person who sold them to me put it-- the group this belonged to was selected from "many tons" of specimens, and judging from what I usually see, I am inclined to believe him.  It is never difficult to buy pyrite in Peru, but finding good pieces is another story entirely-- there are usually only a couple per trip, though this time I got lucky.  

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