PKR56 Pyrite
Huanzala Mine, Huallanca District, Dos de Mayo Province, Peru
23.3x 12.5x 10.4 cm

A large cabinet specimen from the world famous Huanzala Mine, showing the bright luster that the locality is famous for.  


This specimen displays well from multiple angles, with good  3-dimensionallity, sharpness, and a lack of damage.  The arrangement of the crystals gives it a sort of sculptural appearance. 


The flattened area on the far left of the specimen is not damage, rather the crystals appear flattened, as if they grew up against another surface.


As with most of the iconic mines in Peru, Huanzala has now come under largely foreign ownership, and there is increased mechanization.  I was told by a few dealers that less and less is now coming out of this one prolific mine, as both mechanization and company policy have severely limited the number of specimens that are able to leave the mine.

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