PKR13 Pyrite
Racracancha Mine, Tinyahuarco Dist,. Pasco prov., Cero De Pasco Dept., Peru
13.5x 7.4x 5.8 cm

A group of lustrous pyrite cubes with the striated faces typical of specimens from Racracancha.  This piece is unusual in that the crystals actually have a rock matrix--  these are typically just clumps of crystals (with contacts) or large plates (with lots of damage).  Although there is a bit of edge wear here, the piece overall, is in excellent condition.  I reject about 98% of the pyrite I see from this location, and most of what I do buy ends up as wholesale material... so with that said, this is certainly among the better pieces.  

Racracancha is a long abandoned mine, which around 2007 was rediscovered by local miners who for the last few years have been working to extract mineral specimens.  The mine is most notable for its striated pyrites, included calcites, and manganocalcites. 

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