SKS2_VIVIANITE Pyrite, Vivianite
Huanuni Mine, Delance Prov., Oruro Dept., Bolivia
8.4x 5.0x 3.0 cm

A classic Bolivian vivianite form the Huanuni mine. In the words of another dealer, this is what Bolivian vivianite looked like before the 2004 Tomokoni Adit find made collectors accustomed to pointy crystals with sandstone matrixes. Crystals like this remain rare. This one is damage free and terminated, lacking any of the chips or nicks that are virtually always present on these specimens. It is quite sizable as well, and is beautifully perched on a pyrite plate. Huanuni is one of three "classic" Bolivian vivianite localities, the other two being Llallagua and Morococala. This is a beautiful specimen, an example of material that does not come up for sale often in this size and quality. I personally don’t think that the newer specimens, with their sandstone matrixes, compare to these older pieces. I would estimate that this piece dates to the 1970’s, at least.

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