15PR24 Quartz, Stolzite on Scheelite
Mundo Nuevo Mine, Mundo Nuevo, Sanchez Carrion Prov., La Libertad Dept., Peru
3.5x 2.8x 2.6 cm

This specimen is one of my favorite of the miniature sized pieces.  This one has an stolzite-dusted scheelite octahedron perched on the end of a couple quartz crystals.

I had seen a small group of these at Tucson 2015, and was hoping to get more on this trip.  Although the find was small,  I was able to come back with a group of pretty good pieces.  While these are never especially "sharp", those I saw in Tucson looked especially melted-- the pieces I came back with have well formed scheelites, cleaner (I think) form and a generous coating of the powdery yellow-green stolzite that makes them so eye catching.

In 5 trips to Peru, I was only able to get an example of this material once before-- I was quite happy to have been there at a time close enough to a find to be able to get more.

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