IML10 Rhodonite
Huanggang Mine, Hexigten Banner (Keshiketeng Co.), Ulanhad League (Chifeng Prefecture), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China 6.2x 5.5x 5.3 cm
6.2x 5.5x 5.3 cm

I had heard that rhodonite had been found at Huanggang a few months ago, but had not seen any decent specimens. At Tucson this year one dealer had about five pieces, from which I selected two. The color is not the brightest-- it is probably on par with some of the lower grade examples from Chiuruc, Peru, but the point here is that it is a rich and well crystallized piece from a new locality, and (as far as I am aware) the only crystalline rhodonite available on the market from China. I had been trying to track down some of this material while putting together my earlier Inner Mongolia updates, but was unable to find any. In Tucson I was finally able to find some. It is definitely one of the harder things to find from Huanggang. Depending on your monitor settings, it may be a bit lighter in person than what you see in the pictures.

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