PKR35 Silver
Uchucchacua Mine, Oyon Prov., Lima Dept., Peru
4.5x 3.4x 1.9 cm

A nice silver specimen, with three wires rising out from their matrix.  This piece is from the finds made about 4-5 years ago, which is about when I purchased it. There were only a couple poor examples available on this trip, and none during the last visit.  I saw comparable specimens in Tucson this year being offered for $900 to $1100 by Peruvian dealers.


Uchucchacua is a working silver mine, which has been known as a specimen producer since the 1980's.  It is most notable for its rhodochrosites, though it has also produced a number of silver sulfosalts, native silvers, and most recently alabandite.  The mine even has a mineral named after it-- uchucchacuaite.

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