TID14 Silver on Cerussite
1100 Level, Bunker Hill Mine, Shoshone Co., Idaho, United States
6.0x 5.0x 6.4 cm

A very rare sample of silver from the Bunker Hill Mine, with a few clusters of dendrites on a mostly cerussite matrix.

Although silver was one of the primary targets of mining activities that commenced on the property between 1885-1887, actual specimens of the native metal are quite rare.  The mine, composed of several separate properties that were later combined, operated under various owners until 1988, and at one point contained the largest metal smelter in the world.  After its closure, the mine became a Superfund Site, largely due to lead contamination.  The byproducts of that lead mining are perhaps the best known to the mineral collecting community-- first and foremost the pyromorphites, followed by the cerussites and anglesites. 

This piece comes with a collector label attributing it to a 1977 purchase from Art Cooper, the predominant supplier of Bunket Hill Minerals at the time.

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