DXL20 Sphalerite
Picher, Tri-State Lead Zinc District, Oklahoma, United States
9.6x 10.2x 6.5 cm

A cluster of large sphalerite crystals on a dolomite-covered chert matrix, from a classic US locality.


There is one small area of damage on the bottom right side of the crystal (best visible in the side view) but this does not particularly detract when positioned for display.  Overall the piece is extremely well balanced and put together.


Mining in the area began around the 1850's-60's on the Missouri side of the district, with the last mine closing in Oklahoma in 1967 (that should provide some idea of the age of this piece.)  Because of the environmental impact of the extensive lead mining, the area is today home to 3 Superfund sites, and Picher itself is a ghost town.

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