SLX03 Sulfur
Maybee, Monroe Co., Michigan, United States
8.5x 5.2x 5.7 cm

Simply put, this is an exceptional American sulfur specimen.  

When it comes to sulfur, Sicily seems to get all the attention-- everything else, be it from Baja California or Bolivia seems to be relegated to the realm of wholesale, though I suppose it is somewhat appropriate, considering the crystals from those localities seem to grow endlessly and never reach a very large size.  There is however, an American locality that produces exceptional examples.

The sulfur from Maybee Michigan is not particularly well known outside of the American midwest, you see some examples at local shows, but seldom at the major international ones.  The other mineral that the locality is known for is celestite, and those don't get too much exposure either.  

This is an older piece, remarkably complete with good crystal form and on matrix-- what I have seen in the past has typically been off matrix, and the few with individual crystals in this size range tend to have rather nasty contacts.  

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