AKS12 Thorite
Kempf Prospect., Cheddar, Ontario, Canada
9.4x 6.7x6.3 cm             

 In the world of radioactive minerals, thorite is an ugly duckling.  This thorium silicate is rarely encountered for sale, and when specimens do make it to the market, they tend to be lone crystals, on the order of 2 cm.

When I saw this piece, I purchased it immediately.  For a usually ugly species, this piece is unusually aesthetic, and the crystals are exceptionally large.  The specimen is mounted on a hard tack base that allows it to stand perfectly for display.  The crystals show clearly defined form, and their overall arrangement makes it stand far above the rest.

Simply put, this is the best thorite that I have seen for sale in all the years that I have been collecting.

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