MSR13 Topaz
Mt Ibity, Antsirabé 2 Dist., Vakinankaratra Region, Antananarivo Prov., Madagascar
5.4x 4.0x 1.8 cm

An unusual topaz crystal, of almost completely gem quality.  The back face has a frosted and wavy texture, though as you can see in the pictures where the surface reflections are visible, the piece is perfectly clear. This comes from the same find that produced the blue bicolored specimen also on this update.

Topaz is not very common in Madagascar-- for all the gem materials found on the island, good topaz is remarkably difficult to find. Although not an absolute measure of rarity, Mindat only has 6 photographs of Malagasy topaz-- that alone attests to the scarcity of the mineral there.

With that said, I've never seen another find of topaz like this from the country

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