LWK06A Veszelyite
Kunming District, Yunnan Prov., China
7.6x 4.9x 3.2 cm

A good example of veszelyite from a recent find in southwestern China, with crystals present on both the front and back of the piece.  This is not the same locality that produced the veszelyite/ hemimorphite specimens several years ago, but it is nearby.  This one is particularly rich, for the find.  It's kind of funny-- for years this species was nearly impossible to get, except for the old pieces from the Black Pine Mine-- then within one year, there are two major finds in Congo and China. 

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Y1632 Veszelyite
Gejiu Sn-polymetallic ore field, Gejiu Co., Yunnan Prov., China
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Kunming District, Yunnan Prov., China
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