RKL2 Vivianite
Morococala Mine, Santa F� Mining District, Dalence Province, Oruro Department, Bolivia
8.5x 6.5x 9.0 cm

The largest known vivianites may have come from Cameroon , but the finest have undoubtedly come from Bolivia. There are 4 primary Bolivian vivianite localities: Huanuni, Lallagua, Morococala, and most recently the Canutillos Mine (aka Tomokoni Adit). Thanks to finds at Tomokoni, Bolivian vivianites have recently become more widely available, but the new pieces, with their sandstone matrixes, don’t compare. In my opinion, the best came from Morococala, and were found over a very short interval in the early 1980’s. Miners there discovered a room full of crystals, though the mine manager soon decided that the workers should not be wasting time collecting crystals, and dynamited the room. Today, Morococala vivianites are quite scarce. This is a spectacular vivianite from the mine, one of the best I have seen in years. The crystal measures 2 and ¼ inches, and has the multifaceted surfaces that Morococala vivianites are known for. This specimen was previously in the Martin Zinn collection, and is accompanied by his label. There are a couple chips on the front to edge, this is visible in the photographs. From the look of it, this happened when the crystal was excavated. Even so, this did not prevent its inclusion in the Zinn collection, and it remains a very substantial vivianite.

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