PHV13 Vivianite
Morococala Mine, Santa Fe mining district, Dalence Prov., Oruro Dept., Bolivia
10.5x 6.5x 3.3 cm

A stunning contemporary vivianite from Morococala.  This mine is best known for the specimens it produced in the 80's, though there has been next to no production of note since then. These days, the majority of Bolivian vivianites on the market came from the Tomokoni Adit (those are the crystals on reddish-brown sandstone matrixes) with the occasional piece form Huanuni (typically a more bluish hue, on a sulfide rich matrix.)

This one has the complex side faces that distinguish Morococala vivianites from those found at other localities.    The main crystal is particularly large, and I would say exceptionally wide-- but I believe the best display angle is actually from the side (see image directly to the right of this description.)

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