SLX02 Xenotime on Rutilated Quartz
Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil
7.6x 3.7x 6.4 cm

An exceedingly rare matrix specimen of xenotime from Brazil. There is a new crop of xenotime crystals available at every Tucson show, some years they are bigger, and some years they are tiny-- but they are always just single crystals.  Matrix specimens are almost unheard of, especially with xenotime crystals of this size.  This one appears to have been naturally rehealed midway along its length, and is perfectly terminated.  The geminess and sharpness of the quartz (with its whispy rutile inclusions) tat comrise the matrix doesn't hurt either.  If you collect Brazilian minerals, you will probably realize how special this is-- it's certainly not as flashy as a tourmaline, but to my mind, it is much cooler.

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