DCAV2 Cavansite
Wagholi, near Poona, Maharashtra State, India
9.8x 7.0x 5.2 cm

An exceptionally rich specimen of cavansite on matrix.  There is peripheral damage around the edges of the cluster, but for the price, there is a tremendous amount of cavansite on this piece.

 As an interesting side note, the quarry where cavansite is found is located in a huge complex containing several very large quarries.  Cavansite and pentagonite have only been found in any appreciable quantity in part of one of those quarries, even though all are located within approximately 2 square kilometers of land. 

With the rapid expansion of India's cities, Wagholi (a suburb of the larger city of Poona) has grown and started to engulf the quarries-- the quarries known for producing the best cavansites have been purhcased by developers or are at the water table.  In other words, the cavansite boom that lasted for much of the 2000's appears to be coming to an end.  Prices will probably not return to the level of the 90's (when a single 1.0 cm rosette that today costs $2.00 would sell for $500) but these will not remain as common.

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