RKL8 Cerussite
Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Namibia
4.4x 2.9x 3.5 cm

A very beautiful miniature specimen, with a cyclic cerussite twin perched on a small amount of matrix. I have seen a number of these "snowflakes" over the years, but seeing them on matrix is a bit more unusual (not rare, but definitely uncommon). This specimen has labels that date it back to at least 1962, when the piece was purchased by Joaquin Folch from Nérée Boubée II (whose grandfather was also a mineral dealer). The Folch collection was for decades among the finest in Europe; this is one of the duplicates that was recently dispersed by Jordi Fabre. It was purchased by Joseph Freilich, from whom I acquired it in trade.

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