UPM09 Copper
Point Prospect, Keweenaw Co., Michigan, USA
7.2x 4.6x 1.8 cm

A copper specimen from one of the most difficult to obtain of the various Michigan copper localities. Unlike almost all the other specimens that came from old mines or the waste piles that they left behind, this location was discovered in the early 90's by local collectors scouting land that had been cleared for logging roads.  This place is pretty much at the end of the Keweenaw peninsula, just a couple miles from where it juts out into Lake Superior-- in fact I know of only one other locality (that is not an island) past it-- that would be Keweenaw Point, where they find the yellow datolites.  This locality is notable for producing some of the largest copper crystals found in Michigan, and while these are certainly not that size, it remains a very well crystalized specimen with crystals that reach 5 cm in length.  To give a sense of rarity, there are only 2 other examples from here pictured on MinDat. 

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