CRL03 Fluorite
Annabel Lee mine, Harris Creek Sub-District, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
14.0x 9.5x 7.2 cm

A great fluorite specimen from the Illinois-Kentucky fluorspar district, showing very distinct zoning.  The innermost portion of the crystal is yellow and peppered with numerous small chalcopyrites.  There is a second generation of blue fluorite over that.

Although minor chipping is visible under a loup, the edges are very clean, absent of the large cleaves that are so often present.  There are a couple internal cleavage planes visible, but no significant external damage.  The specimen is a floater, with no visible points of attachment.

The last mines in southern Illinois closed in the mid-90's.  The fluorites they produced are considered amongst the world's best, yet nearly 20 years after the mines closed, they are becoming harder to get.

Pleas note that the actual color is closest to that shown in the two outdoor images. 

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