SCB01 Pyrite, Fluorite with Calcite
Shangbao Pyrite mine, Leiyang Co., Hengyang Prefecture, Hunan Province, China (the label might have been off)
20.3x 16.0x 7.5 cm

A spectacular large cabinet specimen from he Shangbao Mine.  These are among the most collectible of the various Chinese fluorite varieties, and the stepped cubo-octahedral crystals are among the most distinctive. 

The main crystal measures 4.9 cm-- anything above one inch is generally somewhat harder to get, and at this size, just the main crystal alone is the size of entire specimens of lesser caliber.  The crystal also sits rather nicely on matrix-- often times, even if undamaged, they will sit somewhat awkwardly or have grown up against something else, giving them a somewhat distorted appearance.  The numerous calcite crystals, pyrite cubes, and other small fluorites also make for a nice, well balanced background.

I don't usually offer pieces in this range, but sometimes I come across specimens that I feel are quite solid "investments" (as much as minerals can be) even if I keep them for a while.  Shangbao is one of the more recognized fluorite localities, particularly out of the scores of Chinese locations producing pastel, non-disinct fluorite, and it is a relatively low output mine. Pieces like this have never been especially common, and even today the price in Tucson would already be significantly higher. 

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