PAS14 Pyrite
Huanzala Mine, Huallanca District, Dos de Mayo Prov., Peru
8.5x 6.4x 7.3 cm

A nicely isolated octahedral pyrite crystals on a pyrite matrix, from Huanzala.  Pyrite has been known form this locality for decades, and I would consider this to be one of the most (if not the most) prolific mine in the world, in terms of the sheer tonnage of specimens produced.  For the last several years however, very little material of good quality has escaped-- over 5 trips to Peru, only this trip and the first yielded what I would consider to be good pieces from Huanzala, all the (better) pyrites I brought back in between were from Racracancha.  

There is one place where the crystal appears to have grown up against another one.  This is most visible in the image directly below the description, on the right side.  There are a couple different angles from which you could display this one.

This was one piece from a medium sized lot that I purchased.  As the person who sold them to me put it-- the group this belonged to was selected from "many tons" of specimens, and judging from what I usually see, I am inclined to believe him.  It is never difficult to buy pyrite in Peru, but finding good pieces is another story entirely-- the combination of "heavy" and "brittle" does not make it easy.

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