SKS4 Quartz, Huebnerite
Pasto Bueno, Pallasca Prov., Ancash Dept., Peru
16.0x 11.4x 8.8 cm

The Mundo Nuevo mine has recently started producing Huebnerite, however in the 1980’s the Pasto Bueno District (in which Mundo Nuevo is located) also produced a number of world class huebnerites. This is one of those older pieces, and certainly one of the heftiest huebnerites that I have seen for sale. The Huebnerite is actually a large spray of crystals, and I can see only one place where any terminations are missing (see top right side of close up image) Pasto Bueno has arguably produced the world’s best Huebnerite, though most crystals top off at a few cm. I have seen a few large specimens from recent finds at Tucson "09 and "10, but these tend to have much more damage, and be jumbled masses of crystals. Sorry for the unorthodox backgrounds... between the dark huebnerite, white quartz, and various reflections it was hard to find a background that allowed it to be photographed properly... wood was just right.

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