MQA28 Tourmaline var. Liddicoatite
Anjanabonoina , Ambohimanambola Commune, Betafo District, Vakinankaratra Region, Antananarivo Prov., Madagascar
1.15x 0.9x 0.2 cm

A very beautiful group of liddicoatite slices from Anjanabonoina, the locality famous for producing the best sliceable liddicoatites.  Ironically, when you see these before being worked, they tend to be rather unappealing and dark.

These slices can either be mounted into a single pendant, or to be used separately in jewelry projects-- the bluish-green color is rather unusual for these, and adds a nice bit of contrast.

Please note: the given dimensions are of the LARGEST SLICE.  The arrangement as mounted and shown in the picture, measures 2.9 cm from top to bottm.

The slices are mounted in a perky box, hot glued to a white card stock to better show their color.  I removed some of these sets from their backings to reposition them with no problem, but if you are feeling especially cautious a quick immersion in rubbing alcohol will loosen them nicely.  

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