NV00 Cerussite
Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Namibia
7.5x 7.3x 5.6 cm

A large cerussite "snowflake" form Tsumeb.  The piece is in excellent condition, and has a light smoky color.  


It goes without saying that Tsumeb minerals are among the most collectible in the hobby these days, and of the hundreds of species from that locality dioptase, azurite, and cerussite are perhaps the most iconic and sought after.  


It is not difficult to obtain a Tsumeb cerussite, or even a sixling.  To find a piece of this size, in this condition, with such clear and balanced form, is considerably more difficult. 


I think the pictures do a good job of illustrating how good this one is, so I don't have to elaborate too much....

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