APM09 Fluorite on Foitite Tourmaline
Erongo Mtns., Erongo Region, Namibia
7.1x 3.0x 2.1 cm

A very aesthetically arranged specimen from this recent find, with a pair of purpe fluorite crystals perched on the side of a tourmaline crystal.

I am told that these are foitite (the vacancy dominant tourmaline species) and the hairy terminations certainly seem to support that, but I'm not sure if the entire tourmaline crystal is foitite or just part of it.  With species that are members of groups or series, there is often a gradation from one to the other, even within the same piece.

The fluorite crystals have slightly roughter surfaces, though that seems to be the case with just about all examples from this find.  They also have tourmaline inclusions.

All in all, a beautifully arranged example of a combination piece that incorporates one of the rarer tourmaline varieties.

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