LDV02 Ludlamite
Huanuni mine,Huanuni, Dalence Province, Oruro Department, Bolivia
7.2x 3.2x 3.0 cm

A great example of ludlamite, from what it undoubtedly the best of species find made at the end of 2019.  There was a single pocket found, I obtained the first (and in my opinion) finest batch of specimens shortly after the discovery-- the miners initially did not realize the significance of their find; they put together this batch then distributed the remainder among themselves as keepsakes. Over the subsequent weeks, a couple European dealers hunted down the remaining pieces, but the first batch up for sale had the best pieces. 

This one features a thick spray on matrix-- prior to this find examples like this were practically unheard of, from anywhere. There is chipping on the back facing portion of the crystal, but it displays as shown. 

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