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Here are some links to other mineral websites.  Please take the time to look through them. 

If you are interested in exchanging links, e-mail me.  If you are interested in exchanging banners, my exchange banner can be found here.


Reference Websites

Mindat- One of the best informational mineral databases out there, complete with a message board and photo database.  It is run by Jolyon Ralph, and is updated on a daily basis, by either him or other users.  If you want to research a locality or mineral, this is the site to go to!


Webmineral- Another informational mineral site containing detailed information on over 4,000 mineral species.

TAK's Mineral Photo Gallery- A Japanese website with many excellent pictures from a private collection.

Mineral Dealers:

Chinese Fine Minerals- A Beijing based dealer, with some impressive pieces.

Key's Minerals- A Japanese website featuring minerals from around the world.


Kevin Conroy Minerals- Fine minerals at reasonable prices.


Saga Minerals- A new website run by my friend Jared Freiburg, specializing in high quality minerals from the Midwestern USA.

Rod Minerals- High quality world wide minerals.






Open Adit Rocks & Minerals


New Find Minerals- Here is a new site that offers fine mineral specimens from western Australia, as well as other localities.


GeologicDesires.com ~ Aesthetic Mineral Specimens.

Geologic Desires





Fluorites.com- A website with an emphasis on the diverse fluorite.  This website offers specimens for sale, as well as picture galleries of fluorite specimens.


Hummingbird Minerals- Fine cabinet size minerals, crystals and rocks, for collectors with an eye for beauty and quality, at a reasonable price.


Meteorites Plus Link Banner

Meteorites Plus-"At Meteorites Plus we carry a variety of Meteorites at affordable prices.


Riviera-1 Minerals


Max minerals


Mineral Dealers:

Hoff's Rock Shop- A family business since 1952, this website offers mineral specimens, lapidary materials. and more.

Pickens Minerals- A website offering minerals from around the world.

ThaiGem- "Your best value for gemstones and gemstone jewelry."