SMQ20 Vivianite
Colquechaca (Aullagas), Chayanta Province, Potosí Department, Bolivia
9.3x 8.3x 2.7 cm

A very old vivianite, from a mine that is best known for its silver sulfosalts (Colquechaca is also the type locality for canfieldite, and produced some of the best argodyrites known.) Most pieces from the mine date to the 1970’s or earlier, and it is safe to assume that this piece was also found during that period. 

This piece comes from the collection of the Colorado School of Mines, with their label. Overall, it’s a classic example of Bolivian vivianite from a mine OTHER than Tomokoni, Huanuni, or Morococala.

Admittedly not the prettiest vivianite out there, but if you are into Bolivian minerals, you will appreciate what it is....

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